Mod 7: Ongoing Protections Post IRB Approval Test

This test is will cover topics in the Mod 7: Ongoing Protections Post IRB Approval presentation. You are required to achieve a minimum score of 100%. Upon successful completion, your test results will automatically be sent to your PI.

Certificate will NOT be awarded unless PI name and email are given.

For students, the PI would be your faculty advisor or the instructor (if you are obtaining certification as part of a course).

UT Tyler and OHRP defines an unanticipated problem as one that may have been expected in the particular population being studied.

Unanticipated events only happen with biomedical research.

For UT Tyler approved protocols researchers only need to report unanticipated problems, not adverse events.

For UT Tyler approved protocols, researchers must report an unanticipated problem within 24 hours.