Mod 6: IRB Review Test

This test is will cover topics in the Mod 6: IRB Review presentation. You are required to achieve a minimum score of 100%. Upon successful completion, your test results will automatically be sent to your PI.

Certificate will NOT be awarded unless PI name and email are given.

For students, the PI would be your faculty advisor or the instructor (if you are obtaining certification as part of a course).

Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) have a major responsibility in ensuring that the:

It is okay to breach a participant´┐Żs confidentiality as long as the researcher feels that it is relevant to the research study.

Approved research proposals must be re-approved at least annually by the IRB through continuing review.

The IRB can disapprove or defer a research proposal if planned statistical analyses are questioned by the IRB.

It is important that any risks and benefits are equal for all participants in the study.

Which of the following is the federal oversight body that UT Tyler is accountable through its Federal Wide Assurance for research that is approved and conducted?

What should the IRB do for a protocol involving prisoners when it comes up for initial review?

The type of review that an IRB conducts on a research protocol is dependent on the:

Which of the following types of reviews requires a quorum of the IRB to discuss all of the issues involved in the proposed research?

Ultimate responsibility for assuring protection of human subjects in course-related research projects that are not IRB-approved belongs to: