Mod 4: Informed Consent Test

This test is will cover topics in the Mod 4: Informed Consent presentation. You are required to achieve a minimum score of 100%. Upon successful completion, your test results will automatically be sent to your PI.

Certificate will NOT be awarded unless PI name and email are given.

For students, the PI would be your faculty advisor or the instructor (if you are obtaining certification as part of a course).

Informed consent applies to which of the Belmont Principles:

Which of the following is the most important issue concerning informed consent?

What is the maximal reading grade level that a consent form should be written in?

How many times, at minimum, does an informed consent need to be translated to/from another language before it can be used?

Which of the following is most correct regarding informed consent?

Which of the following is the best way to ascertain participant understanding for informed consent purposes?