Mod 3: Vulnerable Research Populations Test

This test is will cover topics in the Mod 3: Vulnerable Research Populations presentation. You are required to achieve a minimum score of 100%. Upon successful completion, your test results will automatically be sent to your PI.

Certificate will NOT be awarded unless PI name and email are given.

For students, the PI would be your faculty advisor or the instructor (if you are obtaining certification as part of a course).

Which of the following reviews involving 4th grade children must have a child expert as part of the IRB review process?

A child who is 9 years old must be able to do which of the following before participating in an experimental physical exercise program being approved at UT Tyler?

In cases of suspected, but not proven abuse, a waiver of parental permission may be obtained for a 9 year old child to participate in research

For UT Tyler approved research, any child between the ages of 7 and 12 years must have parental permission to participate under most circumstances.

A PI does not have to have IRB approval for a study involving pregnant women if it is just survey research that the PI determines as exempt.

Pregnant women who are only 2 months pregnant are considered to be a "vulnerable population."

We are concerned especially about vulnerable populations because:

A male incarcerated in the Smith County jail is considered to be a "vulnerable population."

A UT Tyler student who is 45 years old is considered to be a "vulnerable population."

Which of the following persons may be decisionally impaired and may not be able to provide informed consent?